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Refresh & Rejuvenate

PH balanced feminine hygiene products designed to cleanse, nourish and sooth your most intimate parts.



Intimate Hygiene Wellness. Nobody talks about it, but everybody needs it.

At VOILÀ Luxe Beauty, we believe your most important body part, your intimate area, needs more attention. Just twice a day rinsing is an outdated concept and may not support optimal cleanliness, confidence, or freshness.

REFRESH Intimate Cleanser allows you to freshen yourself throughout the day to achieve a  healthy and thriving intimate area. VOILÀ LUXE Beauty Intimate Care products support a progressive routine for taking care of your whole-self.

Our product VOILÀ REFRESH INTIMATE CLEANSER is a convenient product that easily slips into your bag so you can apply our rinse-free cleanser anytime, anywhere, as often as needed. Feel fresh, rejuvenated and hydrated with antioxidants and hydrators to improve your “whole package”. CLEAN. CONVENIENT. CONFIDENT!

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Did you know...

Everyday factors like diet, medications, sex, uncleanliness, and stress can disturb intimate area pH. Sulfates, fragrance and color commonly found in some intimate products can create problems as well. VOILÀ Luxe Beauty Refresh Intimate Silky Cleanser is a no rinse, pH balanced cleanser can be used as often as needed. 

Formulated with natural ingredients including  Milk Thistle, Witch Hazel, Water Lily and Masikai (Oak Gall) extracts to provide a highly effective way to tighten, soothe, deodorize and keep the intimate area fresh, hydrated and comfortable
all day long.

Happy Customers Make us HAPPY

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